World Humanist Congress 2014
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The World Humanist Congress, held every three years, is a unique event bringing together humanists from over forty countries under the auspices of the International Humanist and Ethical Union. In 2014 the British Humanist Association will host the World Humanist Congress in the beautiful and historic city of Oxford from 8-10th August.

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Venue: Examination Schools
Refreshments are provided for Full delegates only.

Plenary: Freedom of Speech and Freedom as Such

Speaker: A C Grayling
Title: Freedom of Speech and Freedom as Such
Venue: Sheldonian Theatre
Freedom of expression plays a foundational role among civil liberties, which cannot be asserted, enjoyed or defended without it. Yet it is not an unqualified freedom, so questions about when it can justifiably be limited, and where such limits lie, are crucial ones.


Venue: Examination Schools

Plenary: A 21st Century Enlightenment: Threats and Promises

Speakers: Heiner Bielefeldt, Jo Glanville, Francesca Stavrakopoulou, Andrew Copson and Samira Ahmed.
Title: A 21st Century Enlightenment: Threats and Promises
Venue: Sheldonian Theatre
In this session we will stand back and consider how to influence the zeitgeist so as to generate a momentum in favour of liberal attitudes and policies and (as we have termed it) a 21st century enlightenment. But what do we mean by a putative 21st century enlightenment? What would be its characteristics? What are the parallels with its 18th century precursor? What is the role of the humanist Movement?

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Eli Vieira

Founding member; Secular Humanist League of Brazil

Eli Vieira is a Brazilian biologist currently living in Cambridge and a founding member of ...
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Robin Crosse_275x257

Robin Crosse

Committee member, UK Defence Humanists

Flight Lieutenant Robin Crosse is a serving Royal Air Force officer and a member of the UK ...
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Mary Porter_275x257

Mary Porter

Trustee, British Humanist Association

Mary Porter was a senior manager in a sexual health charity for a number of years. She ...
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